Thomas Blaeschke

Pianist and Entertainer

Having begun playing the piano at the age of nine, he was almost ready to give up on it a year later.

Thomas Blaeschke would not be Thomas Blaeschke, though, had he not already displayed an extraordinary level of ambition as a child.

He pushed through the lows and what followed?

“At the age of 12 I had composed my first song and from then on music has become an integral part of my life.“

Nonetheless, his musical career started out completely unmusically. The graduate business economist worked for Bosch in Stuttgart as well as the USA. However, during his time at the company, he was already recording his first CD with his own tracks and enthralled his audience.

“After a while I realized that music is my passion and I wanted to fully live it out.“

He thus left Bosch and began studying music in Bremen and Oldenburg.

Since then, Thomas Blaeschke has received multiple awards. His piece “Dreams“ was honored in Vienna as third best musical, ahead of even “The Phantom of the Opera“ and “Cats“, he was a finalist out of 18.500 musicians worldwide in Nashville, USA and lead his vocalists to a gold medal at the World Choir Games in Sotchi, Russia.

Moreover, in 2018, his song “Cool“ was honored by the German Popfoundation in the categories “Best German Song“, “Best Composition“, as well as “Best German Lyrics“.

With Voice Over Piano he moderates the show together with Sara Dähn, plays the piano and conducts the band or the orchestra.

Resting is not an option for the multi-talent.


“I proudly look back onto the things I have achieved. However, there is plenty more to experience and I am quite excited for that.“