Sara Dähn

Powerful and Versatile

“Being able to be myself completely and giving my all to the audience, that is my greatest passion.“

That is the Bremen-born‘s answer when asked about her choice of becoming a professional vocalist.

Sara Dähn is a devoted singer, a full-blooded musician.

Everything started with her studies for a degree as a state-approved musical performer.

“I wanted to be on stage, therefore receiving a holistic education was important to me.“

The professional training in dance, vocals and acting provided her with a secure foundation to develop and experiment on.

During her studies she was already furthering her education in the areas rock and pop, which resulted in quick successes.

As a professional, Sara still frequently performs in front of national and international juries. Some of her highlights include awards for “Best Musical Performer“, “Artist of the Year“ as well as, recently, “Best Funk & Soul Singer“.

By now, she has already brought her voice to China, Mali, Afghanistan, Russia, South Africa and the USA.

“Nevertheless, I don‘t rest on my laurels. I desire to progress, which requires both discipline and ambition – every day.“